This blog suspended until further notice

I’m going to admit the obvious: that other responsibilities (such as the job that pays me cashy money) prevent me from keeping up with blogging. The content of these posts takes a lot of research, and I simply don’t have the time or the energy to do it any justice.  Therefore it is with a sad heart that I bid you farewell for now. Thank you to those who have been faithful companions on this journey – your comments,  insights and support have been valued more than you may know.

Sapere aude, friends.


12 Responses to “This blog suspended until further notice”

  1. ROTFL @ “cashy money”

  2. Sheesh! I totally screwed that up.

    Anyway, you will be missed, Moonflake.

  3. Bunny Chow Mein Kampf Says:

    moonflake: It is probably a good idea to disable comments for all articles.

  4. An nescis, quantilla sapientia mundus regatur?

  5. I enjoyed it. I’ll leave it in my RSS feed in case you change your mind. Thanks!

  6. Sorry to hear it. I always enjoyed your posts, very interesting & informative. Hope you return to the blogosphere sometime. And hope you make oodles of cashy.

  7. I’m sorry to hear you’re suspending your blog, I’m going to miss your posts.
    Best of luck.

  8. woodchopper Says:

    Thats a shame. Your posts were very good. I will miss them.

  9. I’m sorry to see it, though I did often wonder how you found the time to do the research obviously done and then find time to earn your living. There was always the possibility that you are a kept woman after all, but, on reflection, I thought it more likely that you mined your own diamonds.
    I and many others have enjoyed your work (for us, I mean) in the past and hope you enjoy your retirement to earn your wage. I will miss your posts.

  10. Really sorry to hear this, but I completely understand. Will also keep this in my feed in case you do manage to work out a schedule that allows blogging and earning.

    And, one last thing: Even a 5-minute UNresearched post from you will probably be better than those of others who have spent hours, so feel free to spend just a _teeny_ bit of time here every now and then.

    Good luck.

  11. Sorry to hear you’ve given up for now. I understand, I used to post on similar subjects, but there are just too many lunatics out there to keep up. It doesn’t help that it takes a fruit loop two seconds to make up a load of rubbish, but hours of time to explain why it’s rubbish…

    Anyhoo, take care of yourself.


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